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Pledge to Get Screened for Colon Cancer

My health is important to me, so I am pledging to get screened for colon cancer. By signing this pledge, I commit to speaking with my healthcare provider about the best screening options for me.

Screening is the No. 1 way to prevent colorectal cancer, the second deadliest cancer in men and women combined. It can also help detect cancer early, when it's still highly treatable. Screening is important, safe, and I have options. Screening saves lives.

*By signing this pledge, I agree to receive important information from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, like helpful information on screening decisions.

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Right after La Donya's birthday, she got a letter saying she should start getting screened for colorectal cancer at age 45. She chose a FIT test, an at-home test that checks for blood in stool. It came back positive, requiring a follow-up colonoscopy. Because of on-time screening, La Donya was diagnosed with stage I colon cancer - the most treatable stage. "My story is the best-case scenario," La Donya said. Screening and early detection is key to surviving a potential diagnosis. Find your options by taking our screening quiz.

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Angela had noticed blood in her stool, but friends said it was probably hemorrhoids. As months passed and the bleeding continued, the business woman was alarmed and pursued a colonoscopy. After her stage III colon cancer diagnosis, Angela said, "I knew I had to fight, and boy, was it a fight." Share this pledge so you can help people like Angela.

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Without symptoms or a family history of cancer, Margo assumed her colorectal cancer screening would be a worthy excuse to take off from work and then grab lunch. But a mass developing undetected in Margo's colon had other plans for the day, and she was later diagnosed with stage I colon cancer. "I was lucky it was caught early - had I waited, who knows?" Margo said. Learn more about screening by visiting

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